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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Runway Shows

Bottega Veneta:

Women's runway:

I did not really care too much for the women's runway show. From their outfits, both the designs and the colors, to their hair, down to their walk I thought it was just an okay show. My favorite part of the show came at 3:39 to 4:26 and 5:00 to 5:42. To me those dresses were the best part. The worst for me has got to be those awful pink outfits. It's just too much. This show goes from NO color to TOO much color. I have nothing against color, just the way the colors were paired together. Ooh, the lime green shoes WERE a good touch, for a splash of color.

I am not sure what the thought behind their walks were, or what was trying to be acheived. The walks were sloppy and to quote Melissa, "drunk-like". During my favorite minutes of the show they walked as if they were angry and unhappy to be on the runway (and in those pretty dresses none-the-less!).

Men's Runway show:

I REALLY liked this show. If there were three looks I didn't like I would be surprised. I thought the men were all dressed nicely from their hair, to their clothes, AND the colors of the clothes. Unlike the women, the men's show opened with color, lots and lots of color. The difference between the men's and women's show is the USAGE of the color(s). The men's show had colors that complimented one another. In most looks there are many different colors being used and they meld together beautifully. Also, I think the show had a good flow to it. The men all walked with a confidence, not anger or drunkeness. There was only one walk I did not like and that was when he was flailing his arms about, as if they were completely seperate entity, like his brain had NO control over them.
  • The men definately WON!


I really enjoyed this show. I love the runway and the feeling you get from watching them. The icy atmosphere and the "messy-neat" styling of the hair and makeup--almost cavelike appearance. The music adds to this effect. The only looks I did not fully understand are the ones with the barely there, almost underwear-like shorts (look #71 & 72). My favorite looks (#76 & 77). Those two dresses are simply amazing! The monochromatic show, simply wonderful...simply Chanel.

Link of all the looks!
  • The men's looks...NOT a favorite at all. Too much like women's clothes!

Alexander McQueen

This is just a look-book, not a runway show. I am so saddened by McQueen's death. His works are simply beautiful. This collection, is the most cohesive that I have watched thus far. I would love to own each and every one of those outfits. The almost all black show, with the last few looks full of color AND print. The only look I do not care for so much is a coat that has black and gold rose-like designs on it. I love ALL the TWEED! :)

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Collection

The show opens with Mr. Marc Jacobs, himself, unveiling his models, standing in wait, on a (opened box) platform. The models start walking to just the melody of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." As the show goes on a "weird" rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" begins to play, which turns into yet another version of the song. At one point the models are stepping in tune with the beat of the music. A nice effect!

My favorite show out of these would be Bottega Veneta's (BV) men show, followed closely by McQueen's lookbook. The BV men show kept me interested. The looks could be worn on a daily basis with a little added something.

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