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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project 10 Pan Update!

While I did not exactly stick to "Project 10 Pan" in its entirety, I am still using the products that I chose. Unfortunately, I DID buy NEW makeup products.

I have been successful in using up a few chosen products...

  • Clean & Clear toner
  • Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum
  • Estee Lauder Idealist (pore minimizer)
  • Christian Dior face serum
I am very proud of myself for using up almost 1/2 of the products I set out to finish. I am also happy to say that I am using the Estee Lauder toner everyday, as well as the Estee Lauder Eye makeup remover. It feels so good to know that I am not wasting my money, or products. After this first round of Project 10 Pan is completed I will go ahead and choose 10 new products to finish...

I encourage everyone to try this at least once!

Monday, May 31, 2010

My Garden--After

butterfly close-up!
Geraniums in front of house (right side)
Pot1 with geraniums!
pot2 with geraniums!
geraniums in the front of house (left side)
tons of cucumbers!
green peppers
pot with tomato, green peppers, and eggplants
pot with tomato, chives, broccoli and peppers
pot with red leaf and buttercrisp lettuce
bush beans and pole beans
green peppers
tomato plants with row of peppers
pot1 with eggplant
pot2 with eggplant
aristrocrat zucchini

raised gardenbed with eggplant, peppers, dandelions, broccoli, chives, celery, parsley, rosemary
topsy turvy strawberry planter with strawberries, basil, Greek oregano, parsley (flat leaf and curly)
hydrangea (clearance plant--needs lots o' lovin'!)

HAUL 1!!!! (mostly MAC)

Finally, I got some pics for you to see some of my recent purchases! I feel bad because I didn't really stick to the PROJECT 10 PAN, but I am continuing to use those products AND I have used some completely up! :)

Dior 5 color eyeshadow

Stila Barbie Loves Stila Smudge pot in Purple Pumps
Stila Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot in Cobalt Clutch
YSL Golden Gloss

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Lipstick--outside packaging
MAC Liberty of London Collection Lipstick in Peachstock
To the Beach Collection eyeliner
To the Beach collection--close up of eyeliner in Float on By (great turquoise color)--limited edition
To the Beach collection-eyeliner
To the Beach collection--close up of eyeliner in Rosemary & Thyme (permanent)

Mac Strobe Collection Tinted Lip conditioners from L-R--> Strobeblossom, Strobe beam, Strobe Rays, Strobe Kiss
To the Beach Collection-Lipglass from L-R-->Splashing, Flurry of Fun and Easy Lounger
MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection Lipglass in from L-R-->Perennial High-style and Frankly Fresh
MAC To the Beach collection Lipsticks in From L-R-->Beachbound, Thrills, Funbathing, Lazy Day
MAC Superglass collection (limited edition) in from L-R-->Sugar Overload, Sweettart, Superflash, Discoblend, Giftwrap, and Fab Frenzy
Plushglass in Boutiful
Dazzleglass in Like Venus
Lipglass in from L-R-->Almondine (discontinued), Underage, and Rock Out! (discontinued--great SILVER color--love it better than my light pinks)
Lipsticks in from L-R--> Politely Pink, Angel, Phlox (discontinued), and Viva Glam in GAGA (limited edition)
Give Me Liberty of London eyeshadows in from L-R--> Dame's Desire (limited edition), Give Me Liberty of London (limited edition), and Free to Be (permanent)
To the Beach collection in from L-R--> Humid (permanent), Sand & Sun (limited edition), Shimmermoss (permanent), Firecracker (limited edition), Sweet & Punchy (limited edition--I <3>
Eye-shadows all limited edition/discontinued, (unless noted) in from L-R-->tissue-weight, all races, Hey, bamboo (permanent), Vanilla, Very Violet, Cut to Fit, Perky

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Garden--BEFORE

So, I am soooo very happy that warmer weather is finally here! It is now time to get outside and work in the garden! These are pictures of my yard before any planting has been done this year! I am hoping to take pictures as the garden progresses!

This is the first part of the garden where I currently have a rhubarb plant.

Overhead look at rhubarb plant (needs water!)

Overhead view of the first part of the garden.
This first part is where I am planning on planting cucumbers and different types of peppers!

This is the second part of the garden!

Overhead look at the second part (ugh! my shadow!)
In this area I am planning on planting greenbeans (bush beans and polebeans)

This is the third part of the garden!
I am planning on planting tomatoes here! Many, many, many varieties!
oh, and onions all around!

This is still the third part, but this shows the recently added raised garden bed!

close-up of the raised garden bed!
In here i am planning on planting many hers, lettuce, and onions

this is the fourth part of the garden (overhead long view)
There are many perennials planted here!
sometimes, i fill empty areas with veggies, such as a tomato plant or pepper plant!

The next couple pictures are head-on segments of the fourth part!

**notice the upside down strawberry planter! ( this is the first time i am using this planter AND the first time growing strawberries!)
In the planter i have basil, strawberries, and two different types of parsley

The next few pictures are of the fifth area of the garden which is along the side of the garage
In this area again, many perennials are planted here along with beautiful rose bushes



Long view of the fifth part
the next group of pictures are closer looks at the plants in this section!

overhead view of Phlox

rose bushes

close-up of orange rose

close up of pink rose

this rose bush will get HUGE!

two more rose bushes

close up of hot pink rose

close up of pink rose

more flowers!


more flowers!!

overhead view of flowers (...and my shoe!)

closer look!

AHHH! Hen and Chicks! (one of my faves!)

close-up of ground cover

overhead view of more flowers!

another close-up

overhead view of lamb's ear and coral bells

close up of coral bell flowers!

another look!

this is the sixth part of the garden (long view)
if you look after the bricks this will be wear the seventh part of the yard will be, we just tore up that area of the grass and around the corner of the fence

overhead look

close up of purple bleeding heart


close up of 6.2


close up of catnip flower!
This is what the yard is like so addition to these areas there are geraniums planted in the front of the house (pics to come) and many pots. I want to try veggies in large pots, so we will see what will happen!